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Deals Advisory

Trust Handle BCG team of experts to help you find high value at the speed of time, whether your are buying, selling, partnering, funding or investing in the UAE.

Full scope of deal evaluation, strategy and execution
Global Deal network of VCs and investors
First Emarati team of globally certified talents
100% Efficient within your timeframes
Selling a business

We take stewardship over the whole process from portfolio strategy, exit options, deal execution, pre-close and post-close.

Buying a business

Runnig it from deal strategy, evaluation, due deligence, proof of funds, deal execution, pre-close through value realization.

Funding and Financing a business

A one-stop-shop for business fundraising; project, equity, debt and credit financing options; from strategy to execution.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

A comprehensive support from the pre-deal strategy, runway strategy, partner identification towards a full governance model to empower your partnership results.

Complexity Management

Our team is well-versed in the UAE and international jurisdictions with a full understanding of financial and legal implications to handle your legal and financial complex matters of any nature and at any level.

Commercial Negotiations

Trusted by the world’s top tier and ultra networth investors to negotiate the terms and conditions of their deals for AED 100M and above.

Mega Transactions:

We assess your current situation and support your negotiating position to maximize the sales price and execute deals with minimal disruption to remaining business operations. We have the experience to run mega deal negotiation for AED 1B and above.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Working closely with a large global network to develop your M&A strategy and manage the whole transaction through to execution; partnering with top tier world-class asset managers & advisors.

Strategy Advisory

Transform your enterprise and drive growth with a proven srategy development process. We offer UAE invest strategy, corporate launch strategy, existing enterprises growth strategy and more.

Trust the Process &
Grow Your Business

Getting to Know

Upon welcome, Handles provides a free consulting for a total of 4 hours on 1-2 sessions. This helps our both parties lean more about the topic under discussion and the advisory process and operation.

Kick-Starting the Business Analysis

A Premium Fee is to be agreed between our parties and paid ahead of kick

starting the Business Analysis phase.

Commencing Family Business Consulting

A Retainer Compensation package shall be agreed by the parties and

decided in nature, volume and payment terms and conditions.

Family-owned businesses contribute 60% of the UAE GDP

Family-owned businesses contribute 80% of the UAE country workforce

UAE Family-owned businesses composes 90% of the UAE private companies sector.

Secrets of UAE Family Business potentials?

How do Family Businesses thrive for 50+ years of Legacy; and lead smooth transition from the founding generation to second and third generations with full preparedness and resilience.

Better Ask Handle!

“Disruption is a day-to-day feature of business that shows up more frequent and intense in Family Businesses. Need expert Family Business deals, disruption, strategy and complexity management advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Muhammad Fadel,

Managing Partner, Strategy & Complexity

“Potentially originating from a dozen+ causes, conflict is unavoidable in Family Businesses and, if not properly resolved, may end up with a total destruction of the business. Need expert Family Business conflict resolution advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Ikhlas Thabet,

Managing Partner, Client Relations

“With the direction to enact UAE’s Family Businesses Law, Handle dedicates the majority of its activities and expertise to help UAE Family Businesses thrive for 50+ years. Need expert Family Business advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Mohamed Abu El-Makarem,

Principal Advisor & CEO

“The legal intricacies on UAE’s Family Businesses add more and more pressures on the overall Family Business performance and threatens sustainability. Need expert Family Business legal advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Mohamed El Murshidi,

Legal Managing Partner