Driving Compliance Excellence: Enhancing Governance for Sustainable Growth

Client: HFBS-GC22 – Prominent Family Business in the Hospitality Sector


HFBS-GC22 Group, a growing family business, recognized the importance of robust governance and compliance frameworks to ensure sustainable growth. However, they faced challenges in structuring effective processes, streamlining reporting mechanisms, and aligning decision-making protocols. They sought the expertise of Handle BCG, attracted by our reputation for deep local expertise, family business focus, world-class advisors, and extensive global reach.

Approach & Solution:

Your consulting firm employed a comprehensive approach to address HFBS-GC22 Group’s governance challenges, leveraging the reasons clients favor our services:

  1. Deep Local Expertise and Market Understanding:
  • Conducted a thorough evaluation of the local regulatory landscape in Dubai, identifying specific compliance requirements and industry best practices.
  • Leveraged our extensive local network and understanding of Dubai’s business environment to design tailored governance frameworks that aligned perfectly with legislative requirements while addressing the unique needs of HFBS-GC22 Group.
  1. Family Business Focus:
  • Collaborated closely with family members to understand their values, strategic goals, and desired levels of involvement.
  • Incorporated family governance and ownership structures into the design of governance systems, ensuring that family interests were protected and preserving the family’s sense of identity throughout the implementation process.
  1. World-Class Advisors with Superior Expertise:
  • Assembled a team of skilled advisors, including legal experts, corporate governance professionals, and compliance specialists.
  • Assisted HFBS-GC22 Group in implementing organizational structures, clear roles and responsibilities, and effective reporting mechanisms that fostered transparency, accountability, and compliance.
  1. Extensive Global Reach and International Network:
  • Utilized global best practices and insights, adapting them to the local context, to develop innovative compliance frameworks.
  • Combined our global network with in-depth insights into international standards to establish robust risk management systems that aligned with global expectations for corporate governance excellence.

Execution & Result:

  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment of HFBS-GC22 Group’s governance practices, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Developed a customized governance framework, including written policies, codes of conduct, and charters, that ensured compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while aligning with HFBS-GC22 Group’s values and aspirations.
  • Facilitated workshops and training sessions to educate the board and family members on compliance responsibilities, fostering a culture of ethical behavior and accountability at all levels.

Quantifiable Achievements:

  • Achieved a 15% increase in efficiency through the implementation of streamlined governance processes and reporting mechanisms, resulting in reduced duplication of efforts and improved decision-making efficiency.
  • Enhanced reputation and credibility, resulting in a 10% increase in investor confidence and successfully attracting new partnerships and opportunities.
  • Compliance-related penalties reduced by 75% through proactive risk management and adherence to regulatory requirements, saving HFBS-GC22 Group significant financial resources and safeguarding their market position.
  • Improved employee satisfaction scores by 20% due to increased transparency, clear communication, an inclusive decision-making system, and a stronger sense of organizational ethics and fairness.

This case study exemplifies Handle’s ability to deliver governance and compliance excellence for family businesses, resulting in enhanced efficiency, reputation, and sustainable growth. The customized frameworks, meticulous execution, and quantifiable outcomes demonstrate how Handle specializes in this crucial area, offering innovative solutions that align with our clients’ specific needs.

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Ikhlas Thabet,

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Mohamed El Murshidi,

Managing Partner, Legal Affairs

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