Driving Growth with Proactive Asset Management: Unleashing Hidden Potential for Sustainable Wealth Creation


Client: HWAS-AM20 – Established Real Estate Investment Company


HWAS-AM20 Corporation, a leading real estate investment company in Dubai, recognized the need to optimize their asset management practices. The company sought the expertise of Handle BCG, attracted by our deep local expertise, world-class advisors, and extensive global reach in managing wealth and assets.

Approach & Solution:

Handle adopted a comprehensive approach to address HWAS-AM20 Corporation’s asset management needs, leveraging the reasons clients favor your services:

  1. Deep Local Expertise and Market Understanding:
  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the Dubai real estate market, understanding its key dynamics, emerging trends, and regulatory landscape.
  • Leveraged your comprehensive knowledge of the local market to identify specific opportunities, maximize existing assets, and develop tailored asset management strategies aligned with HWAS-AM20 Corporation’s goals.
  1. World-Class Advisors with Superior Expertise:
  • Assembled a team of seasoned advisors encompassing real estate experts, analysts, and portfolio managers.
  • Collaborated closely with HWAS-AM20 Corporation’s executive team to define investment criteria, risk tolerance, and growth objectives while tailoring asset management strategies for each unique property.
  1. Extensive Global Reach and International Network:
  • Leveraged your global network and international partnerships to access potential investors, high-yield markets, and diversified investment channels.
  • Implemented a top-down approach to asset allocation, considering global market dynamics and achieving a well-balanced, diversified portfolio for sustained performance.

Execution & Result:

  • Conducted an in-depth evaluation of HWAS-AM20 Corporation’s existing asset portfolio, identifying underperforming assets, and areas for optimization.
  • Implemented a proactive asset management strategy that focused on improving occupancy rates, rental yields, and strengthening lease agreements.
  • Leveraged advanced data analytics, market research, and industry insights to ascertain investment potential for asset acquisitions, expansions, and divestments.

Quantifiable Achievements:

  • Achieved a significant 20% increase in overall rental income within the first year by implementing strategic lease structuring and enhancing tenant satisfaction.
  • Improved occupancy rates by 15% through targeted tenant retention programs and targeted marketing initiatives, resulting in reduced vacancy periods and sustained cash flows.
  • Generated additional revenue streams of 10% through the identification of new niche market segments and adaptive asset repurposing strategies.
  • Capitalized on global investment trends, securing international partnerships that resulted in a 30% increase in foreign direct investment into HWAS-AM20 Corporation’s real estate portfolio.
  • Enhanced stakeholder satisfaction, specifically by improving investor communication and reporting transparency, resulting in a 25% increase in client referrals and continued business growth.

This case study exemplifies Handle’s unique expertise in asset management, showcasing our ability to optimize existing assets and drive sustainable wealth creation for clients. The combination of hands-on expertise, innovative solutions, and quantifiable outcomes highlights our firm’s capabilities and transformative impact on businesses and individuals alike.

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