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Family Wealth & Asset Advisory

A part and parcel of Handle activity is to protect and grow the legacy of UAE family businesses through our stewardship of family wealth and assets: investments, funding and other similar types of deals.

Access to exclusive international deals
Top tier, world-class asset managers & wealth advisors
Risk mitigation & crisis management
Possible customization to Shariah-compliant investments
Financial planning

In-depth financial planning to consider family business goals, risk tolerance and time horizons in a matter help you achieve your financial targets.

Wealth Structuring

Expert deployment of best-fit wealth structuring frameworks that achieve highest returns for the family and the business.

Investment Management

Top tier wealth managers equipped with all capabilities to grow your investment portfolio, monitor and adjust the portfolio based on market conditions and your preferences.

Asset Management

For the past decade, we have been helping clients achieve growth targets, developing their business models, and adapting their current strategies.


Our retirement planners have a broad arsenal of expertise to help you .Providing for a comfortable future


Our taxation advisory services cover tax-effective structuring of your business, tax litigation support & management of disputes with tax authorities.

Liquidity Management

Planning and execution of a cost-effective liquidity strategy, thus providing continued prosperity for your family.

Wealth Succession

Discretionary trusts, reserved powers trusts, life interest trusts, charitable trusts, VISTA trusts and purpose trusts


We help founders and families increase their impact through multi-pillar philanthropic strategies to address social and environmental issues in just and lasting ways.

How does it work?

01 Understanding

Listen to customer’s brief Study the Environment Define objective

02 Analyzing

Analyze the “Family Business” Consider the “Family in Family Business” Figure out the “Business in Family Business”

03 Designing

Design and assign family office Shape business strategy & governance Outline type of engagement & contracting

04 Planning

Draw organizational structures Plan practice & governance Look forward to 50+ years in Succession & Transition

05 Executing

Deploy & operate Family office mplement wealth & asset ROI maximization strategies Act upon the Deals advised tracks

06 Training

The Board Members’ Program Executive Education & Coaching Functional Training & Development for Family Business Staff

07 Retaining

Put Retention Strategy for Family Business in place Instill a Culture of “Familiness” Synergize between Family and Business

Trust the Process &
Grow Your Business

Getting to Know

Upon welcome, Handles provides a free consulting for a total of 4 hours on 1-2 sessions. This helps our both parties lean more about the topic under discussion and the advisory process and operation.

Kick-Starting the Business Analysis

A Premium Fee is to be agreed between our parties and paid ahead of kick

starting the Business Analysis phase.

Commencing Family Business Consulting

A Retainer Compensation package shall be agreed by the parties and

decided in nature, volume and payment terms and conditions.

Family-owned businesses contribute 60% of the UAE GDP

Family-owned businesses contribute 80% of the UAE country workforce

UAE Family-owned businesses composes 90% of the UAE private companies sector.

Secrets of UAE Family Business potentials?

How do Family Businesses thrive for 50+ years of Legacy; and lead smooth transition from the founding generation to second and third generations with full preparedness and resilience.

Better Ask Handle!

“Disruption is a day-to-day feature of business that shows up more frequent and intense in Family Businesses. Need expert Family Business deals, disruption, strategy and complexity management advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Muhammad Fadel,

Managing Partner, Strategy & Complexity

“Potentially originating from a dozen+ causes, conflict is unavoidable in Family Businesses and, if not properly resolved, may end up with a total destruction of the business. Need expert Family Business conflict resolution advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Ikhlas Thabet,

Managing Partner, Client Relations

“With the direction to enact UAE’s Family Businesses Law, Handle dedicates the majority of its activities and expertise to help UAE Family Businesses thrive for 50+ years. Need expert Family Business advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Mohamed Abu El-Makarem,

Principal Advisor & CEO

“The legal intricacies on UAE’s Family Businesses add more and more pressures on the overall Family Business performance and threatens sustainability. Need expert Family Business legal advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Mohamed El Murshidi,

Managing Partner, Legal Affairs