Handle BCG’s Managed Services for Founders & Families: Unlocking Success Through Comprehensive Expertise



Handle BCG, UAE-First Family Business consulting firm, offers a wide range of managed services specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of founders and families. This report explores the diverse array of managed services provided by Handle BCG, highlighting our expertise and the value they bring to founders and families. By offering a holistic approach encompassing strategy, governance, financial management, conflict resolution, succession planning, among others, Handle BCG enables founders and families to navigate complexities, drive growth, and ensure the long-term success of their businesses.


  1. Introduction

Founders and families encounter distinctive challenges in managing their businesses and wealth. Handle BCG recognizes the complexities associated with these dynamics and offers comprehensive managed services aimed at addressing their specific needs. This report sheds light on the expansive range of managed services offered by Handle BCG and highlights our expertise in each of these areas.


  1. Strategy and Business Development

Handle BCG assists founders and families in shaping their strategic vision for growth and sustainability. Handle’s expertise lies in conducting comprehensive assessments, market analysis, and competitive research. By aligning business strategies with market trends, industry insights, and the unique goals of founders and families, Handle BCG helps develop robust strategies that drive long-term success.


  1. Governance and Succession Planning

Establishing effective governance structures and ensuring a smooth succession process are crucial for founders and families. Handle BCG offers expertise in designing family constitutions, developing governance frameworks, and facilitating the transition of leadership across generations. Our in-depth understanding of family dynamics and corporate governance enables them to provide tailored solutions that preserve family harmony while ensuring the continuity of the business.


  1. Financial Management and Wealth Preservation

Handle BCG’s managed services extend to financial management and wealth preservation. They assist founders and families in optimizing financial performance, implementing robust financial controls, and managing risks effectively. Through strategic financial planning, tax optimization, and asset protection strategies, Handle BCG helps founders and families safeguard their wealth and maximize long-term value.


  1. Family Office Establishment and Management

Handle BCG offers specialized services in setting up and managing family offices, which serve as centralized platforms for overseeing wealth, investments, and philanthropic activities. They provide guidance on establishing governance structures, designing investment frameworks, and managing charitable initiatives. Handle BCG’s expertise ensures that founders and families can efficiently manage their wealth and philanthropic endeavors.


  1. Cybersecurity and Risk Management

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, protecting sensitive data and critical assets is of paramount importance. Handle BCG offers comprehensive cybersecurity services, helping founders and families identify vulnerabilities, establish robust security measures, and implement proactive risk management strategies. By safeguarding systems, data, and intellectual property, Handle BCG enables founders and families to operate in a secure environment.


  1. Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Handle BCG recognizes the importance of being prepared for crises and navigating unexpected challenges. They provide crisis management services, including risk assessment, contingency planning, and business continuity strategies. By developing comprehensive crisis response frameworks and ensuring timely decision-making, Handle BCG helps founders and families minimize disruptions and maintain business continuity during challenging times.


  1. Case Studies: Demonstrating Handle BCG’s Expertise in Managed Services


8.1 Strategy and Business Development:

Handle BCG was engaged by a family-owned manufacturing company seeking to expand its market reach and diversify its product offerings. By conducting in-depth market research and competitive analysis, Handle BCG identified untapped market segments and recommended strategic partnerships with complementary businesses. Leveraging their expertise in strategy development, Handle BCG worked closely with the company’s leadership to formulate a comprehensive growth strategy that aligned with their long-term objectives. The result was increased market share, expanded product lines, and enhanced profitability for the business.


8.2 Governance and Succession Planning:

A multi-generational family business approached Handle BCG with concerns about the future leadership transition and potential conflicts among family members. Handle BCG conducted a thorough assessment of the family dynamics, governance structures, and succession plans. Based on their expertise in family governance, they crafted a family constitution outlining roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes. Additionally, Handle BCG facilitated open dialogues among family members and provided guidance on effective communication and conflict resolution. As a result, the business successfully passed on leadership to the next generation, maintaining family unity and ensuring the continuity of the business.


8.3 Financial Management and Wealth Preservation:

An entrepreneur approached Handle BCG seeking assistance in organizing and preserving their wealth. Handle BCG conducted a comprehensive review of the business’s financial systems, identified areas for improvement, and implemented robust financial controls. They also provided guidance on investment diversification, asset protection strategies, and tax optimization. The result was enhanced financial stability, improved transparency, and increased wealth preservation for the entrepreneur and their family.


8.4 Talent Development and Leadership Advisory:

A family-owned retail company recognized the need for developing a strong leadership pipeline and improving talent retention. Handle BCG designed a customized talent development program that focused on leadership skills, competency development, and performance management. Through leadership coaching and mentoring, Handle BCG empowered the next generation of leaders within the family business. This led to improved employee engagement, talent retention, and a more effective leadership team.


8.5 Technology Integration and Digital Transformation:

A family business in the hospitality industry sought to embrace digital transformation to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences. Handle BCG conducted a comprehensive technology assessment, identifying opportunities for automation, data analytics, and customer relationship management. Leveraging their expertise, they guided the implementation of an integrated technology system, enabling the business to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide personalized experiences to guests. The digital transformation initiative resulted in increased operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced competitiveness in the market.


  1. The Value of Handle BCG’s Managed Services for Founders & Families

Underlying the comprehensive expertise offered by Handle BCG’s managed services is their commitment to delivering value to founders and families. The following points highlight the significant advantages and benefits of engaging Handle BCG:

9.1     Tailored Solutions: Handle BCG understands that every founder and family business is unique, with its own set of challenges and aspirations. Their approach involves customizing solutions to meet specific needs and aligning strategies with the vision and goals of founders and families. This tailored approach ensures that the managed services provided by Handle BCG address the specific pain points and maximize the opportunities for growth and success.

9.2    Holistic Perspective: Handle BCG takes a holistic view of the founder and family business ecosystem, considering not only the immediate challenges but also the long-term implications. By considering various aspects such as strategy, governance, finance, talent, technology, and risk management, Handle BCG provides a well-rounded solution that takes into account the interdependencies between these different areas. This holistic perspective enables founders and families to make informed decisions that positively impact the overall health and sustainability of their businesses.

9.3    Deep Industry Knowledge: Handle BCG possesses extensive industry knowledge across various sectors, allowing them to provide insights and best practices specifically tailored to each industry. Their expertise enables them to identify industry trends, competitive landscapes, and growth opportunities that are relevant to the specific business context. By leveraging their deep industry knowledge, Handle BCG assists founders and families in making strategic decisions that drive competitive advantage and ensure long-term success.

9.4    Family Dynamics Expertise: Managing a family business involves unique challenges arising from family dynamics, intergenerational transitions, and sibling rivalries. Handle BCG excels in understanding these complexities and offers expertise in family governance, conflict resolution, and succession planning. By assisting founders and families in effectively navigating these familial dynamics, Handle BCG ensures a harmonious and successful transition across generations, strengthening both the business and family bonds.

9.5    Access to a Network of Experts: Handle BCG has access to a vast network of professionals, specialists, and industry experts. This network can be leveraged to provide additional support and expertise in areas such as legal advisory, tax planning, marketing, technology implementation, and more. This access to a wide range of specialists allows Handle BCG to provide comprehensive solutions and guidance, leveraging knowledge and expertise from various domains to serve the unique needs of founders and families.

9.6    Long-Term Partnership: Handle BCG views their engagement with founders and families as a long-term partnership. They actively work with their clients to build enduring relationships, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the various stages of the business lifecycle. This commitment to long-term partnership ensures that founders and families have a trusted advisor by their side, ready to assist in overcoming new challenges, adapting to changing market dynamics, and seizing emerging opportunities.


  1. Conclusion: Empowering Success for Founders & Families

Handle BCG’s expertise in their managed services for founders and families provides invaluable support in navigating the complexities of managing a family business. By offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing strategy, governance, finance, talent, technology, and risk, Handle BCG equips founders and families with the necessary tools to achieve long-term success, sustainability, and growth.

Through our tailored solutions, deep industry knowledge, understanding of family dynamics, access to a network of experts, and commitment to long-term partnerships, Handle BCG establishes itself as a trusted advisor that founders and families can rely on. By engaging Handle BCG’s managed services, founders and families gain a competitive edge, unlock growth opportunities, preserve wealth, and ensure a legacy that transcends generations.

In a world where founders and families face ever-increasing challenges and complexities, Handle BCG stands out as a beacon of expertise, guiding their clients toward a prosperous future. With their managed services, founders and families can confidently navigate the path to success, knowing that they have a dedicated partner capable of unleashing their full potential.


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Managing Partner, Strategy & Complexity

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Ikhlas Thabet,

Managing Partner, Client Relations

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Mohamed Abu El-Makarem,

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Mohamed El Murshidi,

Managing Partner, Legal Affairs

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