Building a Solid Financial Fortress: Optimizing Wealth Structure for Sustainable Prosperity

Client: HWAS-WS22 – Prominent Family Business in the Retail Sector


The HWAS-WS22, owners of a successful retail conglomerate, sought to optimize their wealth structure for long-term prosperity while minimizing potential risks and ensuring efficient succession planning. They turned to your consulting firm, attracted by your deep local expertise, world-class advisors, and extensive global reach in maximizing wealth and asset management.

Approach & Solution:

At Handle, we adopted a holistic approach to address HWAS-WS22’s wealth structuring needs, leveraging the reasons clients favor your services:

  1. Deep Local Expertise and Market Understanding:
  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of Dubai’s legislative and tax environment, incorporating knowledge of local regulations related to wealth management and estate planning.
  • Utilized your deep understanding of the local market to customize a wealth structuring strategy tailored to the distinct needs of HWAS-WS22 and their long-term goals.
  1. World-Class Advisors with Superior Expertise:
  • Assembled a team of experienced advisors comprising legal experts, tax specialists, and financial planners.
  • Collaborated with the HWAS-WS22 members, gaining insight into their aspirations, objectives, and concerns to devise a comprehensive wealth structure plan that embraced both personal and business contexts.
  1. Extensive Global Reach and International Network:
  • Leveraged your global network to access a broad range of solutions and investment opportunities across different jurisdictions and asset classes.
  • Developed a cross-border wealth structuring strategy that considered international aspects such as offshore trusts, tax optimization, and global asset allocation to preserve and enhance the HWAS-WS22’s wealth.


Execution & Result:

  • Conducted an initial evaluation of the HWAS-WS22’s wealth structure, identifying areas for improvement and potential risks.
  • Collaborated with the financial and legal teams to design a robust wealth structuring plan centered on tax optimization, asset protection, and effective succession planning.
  • Established a carefully crafted regime of trusts, companies, and family governance structures to ensure seamless wealth transition across generations while safeguarding against unexpected events or disputes.

Quantifiable Achievements:

  • Achieved a 15% increase in overall net worth for HWAS-WS22 within two years due to optimized wealth allocation, favorable tax planning, and diversification of investment portfolios.
  • Protected business assets from potential litigation, resulting in a 20% decrease in legal liabilities and minimizing disruptions to the core operations of the conglomerate.
  • Seamless intergenerational wealth transfer achieved, attaining a resounding 95% success rate with minimum internal family conflicts through the use of comprehensive succession plans and structured family governance mechanisms.

This case study underscores Handle’s ability to create effective wealth structuring solutions that safeguard and grow family wealth while enabling seamless intergenerational transitions. The combination of expertise, meticulous execution, and transformative outcomes determines how Handle specializes in driving sustainable prosperity for family businesses.

“Disruption is a day-to-day feature of business that shows up more frequent and intense in Family Businesses. Need expert Family Business deals, disruption, strategy and complexity management advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Muhammad Fadel,

Managing Partner, Strategy & Complexity

“Potentially originating from a dozen+ causes, conflict is unavoidable in Family Businesses and, if not properly resolved, may end up with a total destruction of the business. Need expert Family Business conflict resolution advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Ikhlas Thabet,

Managing Partner, Client Relations

“With the direction to enact UAE’s Family Businesses Law, Handle dedicates the majority of its activities and expertise to help UAE Family Businesses thrive for 50+ years. Need expert Family Business advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Mohamed Abu El-Makarem,

Principal Advisor & CEO

“The legal intricacies on UAE’s Family Businesses add more and more pressures on the overall Family Business performance and threatens sustainability. Need expert Family Business legal advisory? Better Ask Handle!”

Mohamed El Murshidi,

Managing Partner, Legal Affairs

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