Optimizing Cash Flows for Prosperous Growth: Unleashing Liquidity Potential

Client: HWAS-LM21 – Leading Manufacturing Conglomerate


HWAS-LM21 Corporation, a prominent manufacturing conglomerate in Dubai, faced challenges in managing their liquidity effectively, hindering their growth and hindering potential investments. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, HWAS-LM21 Corporation sought the services of Handle BCG, attracted by our specialized expertise, market knowledge, and global reach in liquidity management.

Approach & Solution:

Handle BCG adopted a comprehensive approach to address HWAS-LM21 Corporation’s liquidity management challenges, leveraging the reasons clients favor your services:

  1. Deep Local Expertise and Market Understanding:
  • Conducted a detailed analysis of HWAS-LM21 Corporation’s liquidity situation, identifying cash flow patterns and liquidity gaps specific to the manufacturing industry in Dubai.
  • Leveraged your in-depth understanding of local banking systems, investment opportunities, and financial instruments to develop customized liquidity management strategies aligned with HWAS-LM21 Corporation’s business objectives.
  1. World-Class Advisors with Superior Expertise:
  • Assembled a team of skilled advisors comprising financial experts, risk management specialists, and treasury professionals.
  • Collaborated closely with HWAS-LM21 Corporation’s financial team to understand their unique liquidity requirements, cash flow cycles, and existing financing arrangements.
  1. Extensive Global Reach and International Network:
  • Leveraged your global network and international partnerships to explore innovative liquidity management tools, investment instruments, and financing options.
  • Utilized your broad range of banking relationships to negotiate favorable credit terms, enhance banking efficiency, and access strategic financial resources beneficial to HWAS-LM21 Corporation’s liquidity needs.

Execution & Result:

  • Conducted an extensive liquidity analysis to identify areas of improvement and potential risks.
  • Devised a comprehensive liquidity management strategy tailored to HWAS-LM21 Corporation’s specific business objectives, considering working capital optimization, investment opportunities, and debt restructuring.

Key initiatives carried out during the solution deployment:

  1. Optimized Working Capital Management:
  • Streamlined procurement processes, supplier payment terms, and cash conversion cycles to improve cash flow efficiency.
  • Implemented technology-enabled solutions for cash forecasting, accounts receivable management, and payables automation, resulting in reduced working capital requirements and enhanced liquidity.
  1. Enhanced Risk Management and Financing Structures:
  • Developed a robust risk mitigation framework in collaboration with treasury experts to identify potential liquidity risks and implement appropriate measures.
  • Leveraged relationships with local and international banks to negotiate optimized credit terms, secure revolving credit facilities, and access alternative financing options.

Quantifiable Achievements:

  • Improved liquidity position by 30%, resulting in enhanced access to funds for investments and growth initiatives.
  • Achieved a 20% reduction in working capital requirements, freeing up substantial cash reserves that could be strategically allocated for business expansion and innovation.
  • Enhanced banking efficiency by minimizing administrative inefficiencies and optimizing payment cycles, resulting in a cost reduction of 15% and improved relationships with banking partners.
  • Reduced liquidity risks by identifying potential cash flow gaps and implementing appropriate risk mitigation strategies, resulting in better financial stability and maintaining a solid credit standing.
  • Strengthened the ability to seize market opportunities through alternative financing solutions, leading to successful acquisitions and strategic collaborations.

This case study exemplifies Handle BCG’s unique expertise in liquidity management, showcasing our ability to optimize cash flows, mitigate risks, and unlock the liquidity potential for clients. Your specialized approach, hands-on execution, and quantifiable outcomes highlight our firm’s capabilities in driving transformative impacts on businesses and their overall financial health.


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