Sowing Seeds of Success: Securing International Funding for an Innovative Agriculture Investment

Client: HDAS-CIR19 – Pioneering Agriculture Investment Company


HDAS-CIR19, an innovative agriculture investment company based in Dubai, envisioned launching a cutting-edge farm utilizing AI-driven solutions to produce organic vegetables. To realize their strategic objectives of regional distribution, both through physical and online channels, HDAS-CIR19 required a significant capital investment of approximately $52.7 million, in exchange for a 20% equity share. Recognizing the need to secure international funding sources and navigate complex legal, financial, and operational challenges, HDAS-CIR19 turned to Handle BCG, trusted for their deep local expertise, world-class advisors, and extensive global reach in funding and financing businesses.

Approach & Solution:

Handle employed a strategic approach tailored to HDAS-CIR19′ needs, leveraging the reasons clients favor our services:

  1. Deep Local Expertise and Market Understanding:
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the agriculture investment landscape in Dubai, identifying key funding opportunities, government incentives, and potential investors specializing in agriculture.
  1. World-Class Advisors with Superior Expertise:
  • Assembled a highly experienced team of financial experts, industry specialists, and investment consultants to guide HDAS-CIR19 throughout the fundraise process.
  • Collaborated closely with HDAS-CIR19′ leadership to understand their unique proposition, technology-driven farming processes, and growth plans for regional distribution.
  1. Extensive Global Reach and International Network:
  • Leveraged our extensive global network and connections within venture capital firms and investors with an appetite for innovative agriculture projects.
  • Utilized our international partnerships and relationships with financial institutions to explore various funding streams and secure the most optimal investment package for HDAS-CIR19.


Execution & Result:

  • Successfully facilitated the funding and financing process, raising $64.3 million for an equity share of 16%, exceeding the initial target set by HDAS-CIR19.

Key initiatives undertaken during the solution deployment:

  1. Comprehensive Investor Search and Business Pitch:
  • Conducted extensive research to identify venture capital firms and investors with a keen interest in agriculture innovations.
  • Prepared a compelling and customized business pitch showcasing HDAS-CIR19′ unique technology-driven farming concept, market potential, and growth opportunities.
  1. Strategic Deal Structuring and Negotiations:
  • Collaborated closely with potential investors to structure a financing deal that aligned with HDAS-CIR19′ funding requirements while providing attractive returns to investors.
  • Utilized our negotiation expertise to secure favorable terms, including leadership control, commitment to sustainable farming practices, and investor support in building their regional distribution channels.
  1. Regulatory Compliance and Government Liaison:
  • Liaised with relevant government agencies and authorities to ensure compliance and smooth coordination of necessary permits, approvals, and incentives applicable to the agriculture investment.
  • Cleared any potential regulatory hurdles, enabling HDAS-CIR19 to proceed with their operations and funding plans without significant delays.

Quantifiable Achievements:

  • Secured international funding amounting to $64.3 million, surpassing the initial target and enabling HDAS-CIR19 to accelerate their farm launch and growth plans.
  • Raised awareness and attracted attention to Dubai’s agriculture investment landscape, positioning the region as an innovative hub for agricultural technology.
  • Enhanced operational capabilities through infusion of capital investments, allowing HDAS-CIR19 to establish their state-of-the-art farm infrastructure and implement AI-driven solutions for optimized organic vegetable production.
  • Achieved a 30% improvement in revenue within the first year of operations, driven by the successful implementation of the farm’s differentiated market concept and regional distribution channels.
  • Navigated complex legal, financial, and operational challenges seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition from financing to operational execution, alleviating potential conflicts and minimizing disruptions.
  • Facilitated job creation within the agriculture sector, driving a 20% increase in local employment and contributing to the economic growth and diversification of the region.

This case study demonstrates Handle BCG’s unmatched expertise in securing international funding for innovative agriculture investment projects, even amid complex legal, financial, and operational contexts. Your hands-on approach, strategic deal structuring, and connections with global investors emphasize our firm’s ability to deliver transformative results and position our clients for sustainable growth within the agriculture sector.

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